How to get there

The race on Saturday will take place in Campra (Ticino, Switzerland). All other events including dinner, party and start of the guided tours will take place in Camperio at Casa La Montanina, 3.5 km and 220 m altitude below Campra

Getting to Campra in Valle di Blenio ...

by car:
Highway A2 to Biasca, road to Campra (31.8 kilometer, direction Olivone, Lucomagno)

by public transport:
Travel to Biasca by train. Take the bus No. 131 to Olivone-Petullo (final stop). Change to bus No. 136 direction 'Lukmanier Passhöhe' to Camperio (stop 'Ospizio') or to Campra (stop 'Centro nordico') .

Or travel to Disentis by train, then take the bus No. 481 to 'Lukmanier Passhöhe' (final stop). Change to bus No. 136 direction 'Olivone Posta' to Campra (stop 'Centro nordico') or to Camperio (stop 'Ospizio').

Website Swiss Public Transport:

The nearest airports are.

Milan: Airport Malpensa MXP (Train to Biasca ca. 2.45 h)
Lugano: Airport Agno LUG (Train to Biasca ca. 1.20 h)
Zurich: Airport Zürich ZRH (Train to Biasca ca. 2.40 h)


Note: The bus No. 136 to Camperio and Campra runs only four times a day and only from June to October. From Olivone to the site of the Centro Sportivo of Campra it is 8.2 kilometer and a climb of 488 meters altitude.