All events except the race take place in Camperio, Casa La Montanina. The house offers 96 beds (2- to 5-6-bed rooms). Beds can only be booked with the registration (first books first sleeps).


The Centro sci nordico in Campra, where the race takes place, may offer some rooms. Due to construction works, which should be completed then, no further information are available now.


Official campsites are located in Acquarossa ( and in Acquacalda ( The latter also offers hotel rooms and rustici.

Other Accommodation

Online platforms for other accommodation in the area:

The following locations may offer accommodation:

 - Ospizio di Camperio, Camperio:

 - ProNatura Centro Lucomagno, Acquacalda:

 - Albergo Arcobaleno, Olivone:

 - Osteria Centrale, Olivone:
 - Casa Paradiso, Olivone:

 - Casa Lugomagno, Olivone:

 - B&B Cuore Alpino, Olivone:

 - Ristorante Genziana, Campo Blenio:

 - Osteria Rubino, Acquarossa

 - Albergo Val Sole, Acquarossa:

  - Casa Vanni, Dongio:

We have no contracts or agreements with these locations.

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