SSCXEC 2019 

November 2 Reichenbach in the kander valley

Dear singlespeeders
The SSCXEC 2019 was held in perfect condition on November 2nd in Reichenbach in the Kander valley. Bright sunshine, the beautiful mountain scenery, the right amount of mud and sludge through the rain for several days ... a dream!

As a guest at Schwandiride, the participants started in a crowd of 45 riders. Simon, followed closely with the same number of laps by Jean Vertical and Cyril Mettler, not only won the European title in the singlespeed cyclocross, but was also in the overall field of the Schwandiride. Congratulations for the great performance!

A big thank you to all the riders for the enthusiasm and the good mood and the organizers Rolf Zürcher from Veloschöpfli Frutigen and the whole team for the great organization and the warm hospitality!

Susanna, Sergio, Christoph & Cécile
The SSCXEC 2020 will be organized in Vincenza, Italy
The Schwandiride 2020 takes place on November 7th in the Kander valey

The participants of the SSCXEC 2019